Meadow Pass Road City of Walnut, CA

Meadowpass2RKA provided engineering services for the construction of two missing segments on Meadow Pass Road between Amar and Pierre Roads. Improvements consisted of street, storm drain, and riding/hiking trail improvements spanning 1,250 feet in length and included 80’ street right of way with one travel lane in each direction, raised landscape median, a 5’ wide sidewalk a 10’ wide riding/hiking trail, and an open natural channel for Lemon Creek, and R-O-W acquisition of nearly 11 acres of private property. Additionally, special consideration was taken to not disturb Lemon Creek’s natural wildlife, including the Least Bell’s Vireo, an endangered bird species. Construction began after nesting season, with six acres of the creek being restored after the completion of construction. RKA also provided permit procurement, construction management, contract administration, and public works inspection of the $4.5 million project.