700-800 S. San Gabriel Blvd., San Gabriel

The first phase on the 700 block is a 216,065 sf restaurant, parking, retail, and residential building on a 2.84 acre lot. The second phase on the 800 block is a 131,447 sf residential, restaurant, retail, and parking garage building situated on a 3.01 acre lot.

This mixed use project is replacing the old San Gabriel Nursery property with two project phases. The project was phased to meet the project schedule by completing the project for shoring first and completing the foundation approval for the 700 block while continuing to review 800 block plans. The 700 block is approved pending commissioning issues and plan reviewers have had consistent communication with the project managers. Raymond Tao reviewed the plumbing, mechanical, and electrical. Fawwaz Ghabra reviewed the structural. Priska Cheng reviewed the architectural. The project is currently in the foundation phase for the 700 block.

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