City of Walnut
Construction Budget: $1.2 Million

RKA completed design of the project specifications, plans, and cost estimate including bid outreach, bid analysis, project award, construction management, inspection, and close-out for the street rehabilitation of Amar Road from Creekside Drive to Nogales Road, approximately .75 miles of roadway. As part of the City’s Pavement Management Program (PMS), Amar Road was at a level where resurfacing and rehabilitation was necessary to extend the life of the roadway surface. The project consists of the following work: concrete repairs (sidewalk, curb ramps, curb and gutter, and bus pads), full depth removal and replacement of existing asphalt concrete pavement, base material, and subgrade at intersections, full depth reclamation (FDR) of all traveled lanes in phases to include grinding top existing asphalt concrete, pulverize existing subgrade, cement treat, and pave final roadway surfacing with rubberized hot mix material, installing traffic loop detectors, and striping. The project also included structural Best Management Practices (BMP) device installation consisting of bio-filtration tree wells at two locations.

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