City of Walnut
Construction Budget: $195,000

RKA provided design and construction management services for the installation of Filtera biofiltrations units and all necessary reconstruction of the existing site of improvements for City of Walnut since FY 2021-22. The project was intended to continue support of the City's ongoing compliance efforts with the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Boards MS4 permit and related obligations. RKA worked with the City to identify locations that would result in capturing stormwater runoff from priority areas in a cost efficient and constructible setting. RKA led the coordination with the Contractor and the Manufacture for the installation of the units as well as all necessary connections to existing storm drain system. The project scope included reconstruction of existing site improvements to adjacent units to maintain ADA accessibility. Construction of existing site improvements include sidewalk, curb & gutter, local depression, pavement slot cut sections, driveway approaches, parkway and landscape restorations, and irrigation modifications. The project was completed in August of 2023 with a final construction cost of $195,000.

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