City of La Verne
Construction Budget: $210,000

RKA Consulting Group Provided design, Construction Management and Inspection services for the replacement of 21 Curb Ramps utilizing CDBG Funds in the City of La Verne. This project was identified as an expedited turn around design and construction requirement to ensure the timely use of available CDBG funds. Due to the expenditure goal, the City directed additional scope -mainly expansion of sidewalk repairs near the project curb ramps to be added to the project to leverage funds and maximize the contractors value unit pricing bid on the project. The additional work cost was managed to finish just below the spending authority grated to the project at 9.6%, maximizing the value of the project to the City. The total duration of the project from conceptual design, bidding and construction completion was 46 calendar days. This project was also subject to CDBG requirements including labor compliance and reporting. The project was delivered on time and met all of the goals that the City intended to accomplish with this project.

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