101–111 W Valley Blvd., San Gabriel

This is a combination hotel and condominium project. The total hotel square footage is 183,775 sf with retail at the first floor of 32,823 sf, parking garage of 210,101 sf, and residences of 67,393 sf. The total room count is 225 rooms along with 87 condominiums.

The structural review was done by Elie Nasr in multiple phases in a unique design-build method. These involved multiple meetings and separating out the project to maintain progress with the construction schedule. The hotel portion is still under review by Raymond Tao. Mr. Tao has been involved with the project since the preapplication phase and has worked with the design team for years to establish a base point for the basic building code design. Through a multitude of revisions and difficulty obtaining a final approved plan, Mr. Tao is continuing to work directly with the City and applicant to resolve this issue.

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